Mekong fruit farm. With Mekong delta tours, tourists will have the opportunities to visit 3 largest fruit orchards in Mekong delta where gather all distinctive fruits for the region. Moreover, each orchard has its own unique kinds of fruit. Amazing fruit of Mekong Delta. Above all, coming to the Mekong Delta, you will enjoy a myriad of popular fruits. Such as grapefruit, longan, rambutan, durian, mangosteen, orange, tangerine, cup, guava, plum, custard … Firstly, much grown in Tra On, Binh Minh, harvest season is around January – August. Nowadays, farmers can give fruits all year round, every month can enjoy grapefruit.Since then, taking advantage of that strength, people have cultivated many delicious fruits and gradually formed famous famous Mekong fruit farm.

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